About Us


Bronx native and nostalgic shoe fanatic, Sophia Hyacinthe, founded Shoe Slutz with one vision in mind: to pay homage to gone but not forgotten NYC boutiques like Petit Peton, Chuckie’s, Barneys and Shoe Box. Shoe Slutz is a simulated experience that transports you into a world where fashion masterly merges with raw, uncensored hip-hop. It’s Sex and the City meets BET Uncut. It was Foxy Brown blasting in your headphones while navigating the cobblestone streets of SoHo in Cesare Paciotti stilettos. It was the clash of legacy and fun fashion, when Miss Sixty dared to pair with Prada. It was the true underground trendsetters sneaking into Fashion Week shows every Spring and Fall, feet adorned by the likes of Gianmarco Lorenzi. It was finessing your way past the unpersuadable doorman at the Beatrice Inn.


Truly, you had to be there. Shoe Slutz is a time portal into the iconic style and energy of this time in New York City. It majestically merges niche, vintage footwear with raw sexuality. A shoe archive that must be experienced